Upcoming Music

We proudly host local, regional, and national touring bands every Friday and Saturday night. The sets typically start at 10pm and go late.

We typically also have live music for our Saturday and Sunday brunches, starting at 1pm.

Friday, Aug 58pmTyler Westcott Band
Friday, Aug 510pmThree Chord Bourbon presents: Miller and the Other Sinners
Saturday, Aug 6BrunchTony Derosa
Saturday, Aug 610pmAncient Spaceship / Orange Corner /
Saturday, Aug 7BrunchZak Ward
Friday, Aug 127pmBorderland Pop Up with Leroy Townes
Saturday, Aug 1310pmKurt and the Loders
Saturday, Aug 1310pm Back RoomSpooky Stephen
Sunday, Aug 14BrunchJoey Donohue
Friday, Aug 1910pmThe Spin Wires
Saturday, Aug 20BrunchTyler Westcott
Saturday, Aug 2010pmBeü
Sunday, Aug 21Brunch90's with Ed Wyner
Friday, Aug 2610pmTortoise Forest
Saturday, Aug 2710pmNonstop to Chairo
Sunday, Aug 28BrunchTony Derosa
Saturday, Sep 3ALL DAYFlamingle with Aqueous, lespecial, The Talking Dead Heads, Space Junk, and Tortoise Forest
Friday, Sep 910pmBack to Yours
Sat, Sep 1010pmMusic is Art after-party with Farrow
Friday, Sep 1610pmPublic Water Supply
Saturday, Sep 1710pmSly Fox and the Hustlers
Sunday, Sep 18Brunch90's with Ed Wyner
Sunday Sep 18th7pmUnderground Blo (details tba)
Friday, Sep 2310pmJohnny Hart and the Mess
Saturday, Sep 24ALL DAYOktoberfest with Great Lakes Brewery
Friday, Sep 3010pmStoneflower plays Bowie
Saturday, Oct 110pmChuckie Campbell
Saturday, Oct 810pmCanetis
Friday, Oct 1410pmSlow Animals
Saturday, Oct 1510pmGrace Greenan
Sunday, Oct 16BrunchGravy
Friday, Oct 2110pmFarrow
Saturday, Oct 2210pmTJ Zindle / Last Conservative
Sunday, Oct 23Brunch90's with Ed Wyner

If your band would like to play, please email josh(at)jackrabbitbuffalo.com with your epk and social links.